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Mermed Steam Sterilisation Record

The Steriliser record & tracking system is designed to provide a simple method of record keeping & “Patient to Process” trace-ability of devices & instruments in the modern office based practice.

Using a simple check list the tracking system enables the operator to record:
– Steriliser cycles
– Authorised Operators
– Air removal type tests (Bowie-dick, Helix)
– Maintenance records
– Validation
– Calibration

For practices to comply with International Standard (ISO 13683), & Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 4187 – 2014), reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organisations; & (AS/NZS 4815 – 2006) they must maintain accurate records & tracking of instruments & devices from “Patient to process”.

Record Keeping is the evidence that the practice has performed & monitored all stages of the sterilisation process